CSS: Dogman (Matteo Garrone, 2018) & dj set Gopo

Vineri, 11 ianuarie, ora 20:00, la Colectiva Gazette

20:15 – 22:00 : film
22:00 – ‘till closing : Gopo DJ Set
We’re starting the new year with fresh power and concepts, so we’re giving you the goodies straight up from now on, but we’ll still be sprinkling some surprises in there to keep you on your toes.

And since less is more, we’ll only be seeing each other twice a month, and as for the first of the year, here we go:

Dogman is a story about the fragility which contorts a man and pushes him towards the splintering of his own identity until that smoothened caricature of a man ends up throwing its avatar into a long fight with an eccentric oppressor. Marcello (Marcello Fonte) is the lean man who extracts his inner power out of the nobleness of the animals he lives with, his bony dogs being the natural extension to his slender bones. Simone (Edoardo Pesce), however, represents the Italian gangster type where brutality, sheer force and stony looks which chop into humanity like an animal of the predatory kind all blend together. Dogman is a train whose spine bends as that of a hunchback’s and transforms into a snake as soon as it hits the rails.

Text by Railroad Rasputin

Gopo – Architect by day, DJ by night. With a passion for music with roots from jazz, hip-hop and disco funk, Gopo is designing and building athmospheres from another spheres, where he transforms musical notes in dance. In the summer of 2017 he played his music mixes at Summer Well Festival, Electric Castle, Panorama, Durușa Summer Hills and Elektro Gonner Viena.

#ColectivaSilverScreen proposes a series of feature and documentary film screenings with dystopian, anarchist, activist, trangressive and other various underground culture related themes, ranging from the culture’s onset until the present day.

Artwork by Alexandra Mocan
Entry : 10 RON

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